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  1. Need information - Who Painted This ??
    Hi, Can anyone help me identity this piece of art? The gallery sticker on the back says, "Kunst & Spiegel Zürich. Mercatorium Bahnhofstrasse 51" I have attached an image of the piece and also a crop of the signature. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Artist Forum community!
  2. Art Supplies Reviews
    So I was watching this video: and I noticed that he was using a very cool looking brush that I wanted to use, however I couldn't find it. These are the best pictures I have of it, and I wondering if any of you guys knew what it was: Any help identifying this brush would be appreciated.
  3. Art Talk
    I've got 3 painting by this person and I'm curious to who they are
  4. Need information - Who Painted This ??
    Hi all, I'm trying to help my mother identify both the artist & Lady in the painting, any info would be greatly appreciated, It's a beautiful piece With a a story that needs unlocking. Thanks in advance 😃
  5. Oil Painting
    This oil-on-canvas painting came from my grandfather, who lived in Chicago. The signature appears to be C.(?) T. Paul. I can't find any artist with a similar name and comparable style. The frame appears pretty roughly made in back, the canvas is loosely stretched with no backing. Any ideas?
  6. Oil Painting
    Hey everyone! I have been having a very difficult time trying to track down the artist of this painting I inherited from my grandparents. Including the frame is it 26” high by 16” wide. Signed on the lower right is a monogram (either starts with a J or an A, I think?) and underneath is the date...
  7. Need information - Who Painted This ??
    I have this print of Federico Zuccaro. I'm pretty sure the image in the center is a print, but anybody know about the written text on the top and bottom? I've searched for a while and i can't find what this is a print off. It is 15 inches wide and 20.5 inches tall
1-7 of 7 Results