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  1. Off Topic
    Hello everybody. I have an idea for a social project in the form of a benefit exhebition, where the proceeds of sale of the art works sould be donate for the good cause. It´s about to help people in developing countries to have a better life. And on the opening day of that exhibition could play...
  2. Digital Art
    I was wondering if someone wanted to help me with a project. I can't promise money, but if the project gets popular, you will get 50%. I can assure it. I'm not sure this is a place to ask for help, but I would someone is willing to draw panels for a webcomic I'm doing. If there is a better place...
  3. Suggestions
    Hows it going guys? I have a very unique item. I have a studio in my local town. I enjoy spending my afternoons there after work. I showcase some of my work to my friends. Im nothing on a big scale or anything. However, I have a very unique item. I've been trying to decide what to do with it...
1-3 of 3 Results