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  1. Oil Painting
    Hello, can someone help me please to identify the artist ( please see the signature) of this painting? Thanks
  2. Digital Art
    i know that to make lineart look better on digital you need to add weight to the lines, but im not sure how? does anyone have a chart or something to help me? my lineart looks awful after i hide the sketch layer and i really need a way to fix that. thank you so much!
  3. Digital Art
    Hi, I've been into digital art for a few years now, started off using Sketchbook Pro, moved on to photoshop and manga studio, and now I'm using Clip Studio Paint. I really liked manga studio as my goal is to make comic books, however that program is no longer available and has been replaced with...
  4. Oil Painting
    Hello everybody! I'm Cassidy, a 13-year-old who has been painting with oils for around 8 months now??? :) Usually, I go with my instincts rather than specific techniques when it comes to painting but this time I face a terrible problem! A few months I stumbled across a canvas that I had made...
  5. Pen and Ink Drawing
    I’ve never used this site before, so forgive me. This is really as basic of a sketch as it gets, I was wondering if anyone would give me some advice on things I need to correct.
  6. Art Talk
    For an assignment in a class I have to find out the name of a Mark Rothko painting and write a paper on it. I don't know much about the artist or art in general so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Art Talk
    I'm wondering if anyone here can "steer" me in the right direction... I'm looking for two things... I am in the business of buying and selling and need help in the art department... 1st: I have come into the possession of some art supplies, I'm wondering their value and use, or if they are...
  8. Oil Painting
    Hi All I am an immature in arts but very passionate about it. I've made few painings recetnly 2 in pastels and one oil paining. Appreciate if you can give me advice, suggestions and feedback on these, and that how can I improve myself as I really want to get better at it.
  9. Charcoal Drawing
    I've always sucked at drawing but practice is the only way to get better, so I decided on a whim today to try charcoal drawing. Any advice you could offer what be greatly appreciated =)
  10. New Member Introductions
    Help! I just inherited an old Grumbacher oil paint set, including the box. At least that what I was told it was but I do not see a logo or anything on the box so I cannot be sure. It also has an easel and canvas. I'm wanting to clean it up and give it to my friends mom. I was just curios if...
  11. Digital Art
    Well, what I really wanted for my birthday was this one Gambit t shirt I had been admiring. Too bad it appears to be out of stock everywhere. If someone could recreate it for me, I would be so grateful. I am willing to talk prices, but I really hope we can keep it under $30. Thank you for your...
  12. Graphite Drawing
    Hello all! I was in class one day doodling, when my pencil suddenly popped out with these curlicue/tribal type patterns. I really like their look, and wanted to fit them into a triangular shape, or a circular shape, or both! I'm having troubles getting them to "flow" together to form one...
  13. Art Talk
    Okay, so whenever I take any pictures of my work, it seems to distort the actual piece and make it look not at all how it does in person. I've tried doing it at a few different angles, but I can't seem to get it to look good. Help please, because I'm scared to post any of the pictures that I've...
1-13 of 14 Results