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  1. Oil Painting
    Hello! This is a uniquely colourful, handmade and signed abstract artwork. Feel free to check it out on Etsy - AliciaNordstromArt.
  2. New Member Introductions
    We have been working on our handmade jewelry since 1985. We have created the techniques and the designs ourselves over the years. We have participated in many craft shows in Canada and the US. We go through 32 steps to complete each piece. We design our jewelry in animals, wildlife, nature...
  3. Showing Your Art
    Lajni is a figurine made out of one-piece hand bent galvanized string. They can climb, read, chill, run, dance and perform all sorts of other interesting activities. The artist behind this unique project is a big fan of climbing, and that would be the reason why most of our Lajni's are in fact...
  4. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hey! Is it a good idea to sell your creations online? I have some handmade accessories like hair clips, hairband, earrings etc and I am planning to sell them on crafterstown. Is it a good idea to sell them in the mentioned website? Please suggest some ideas. Thank you.
  5. Sculpting
    Hey there fellow art people i found an amazing craft related website i.e <a href="">crafterstown</a> but since i am from a completely different location i cannot make use of it. if anyone knows of some website as good as the mentioned one, please suggest. thank you.
1-5 of 6 Results