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  1. y

  2. Sculpting
    I made these during the 1st season of South Park LOL
  3. Sculpting
    I've always loved playing with play-doh, one day I just tried to see how thing I flatten it. Doing this made me realize that it looked like flower petals. So took a few flattened pieces and made flowers. They are attached to the same wiring used for flowers, they make great stems...
  4. Pastel Painting
    ORIGINAL Replica made with Pastels Project from my younger days
  5. Art Talk
    This is an oldie but goodie.... A while back I wanted to make a nice gift from scratch. I was in school and during my breaks I decided to go to home depot which was conveniently next to pearl paint, $200 later this is what I made.... I used a nail gun to make a frame that would easily fit...
1-5 of 5 Results