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  1. Art Talk
    Hey everyone :) I run this youtube page and interviewed a good friend who just recently got into art! He's turned out to be very interesting since he began. You can support him and my channel by checking out this video! Thanks! Link Removed
  2. Misc. Art
    (Dedicated to an illustrious, most talented visual artist who also carries no less than the heart and pen of a poet--- the beloved George924!!!) "the dot" represents a disarmingly primitive artistic expression, yet further analysis would yield rich, copious information regarding this enduring...
  3. Off Topic
    Cast your vote or submit your own!!!
  4. New Member Introductions
    Good morning, afternoon, evening...or whatever time it may be in your neck of the woods! My username is corydulos and I'd like to formally say 'Hello', although I haven't wasted any time sharing loving opinions, broken advice and maybe a tired joke or two (here's a quick one: 3 nuns walk into a...
  5. Colored Pencil Drawings
    if anyone is up to it i need someone to draw a picture of me wrestling an alligator and putting it in a headlock. i know it sounds weird but i need it for my own purposes and im not a good enough artist to make a decent looking picture. if anyone can make this drawing for me that would be great...
1-5 of 6 Results