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  1. Acrylic Painting
    I am a self-taught artist and this is my first portrait painting. Instagram post link 👈 I painted my Grandfather, he passed away when I was a little kid. I used the photo on his Identity card as reference. That was a black and white and blurred picture. I tried my best and I think my first...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello, I want to learn to paint with watercolors ..., I usually draw with pencil or pen, so I have a new goal. This is my first experiment ..., I hope that I will do better things in the future
  3. Oil Painting
    Hello,I am posting my daughter's first oil painting.Her name is Andreea,she is 13 years old and we are trying to receive some feedback from experienced artists about them. She worked for over 20 hours entirely after her own ideas as she doesn't have any education in arts and painting - she's...
  4. Acrylic Painting
    Hi, guys, I decided to do something for my wall, so I need it big and colorful. Then I watched a tutorial on Youtube and followed step by step. However, the outcome was just a mess. I painted a city with reflections. I don't need perfect details for the city, so I think the upper half is not...
1-4 of 4 Results