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  1. Need information - Who Painted This ??
    Hello fellow artist. I could have an advice on how to draw human figure(male and female). No doubt here is a bunch of skilled artist on this topic. All advice's are appreciated:wink:.
  2. What's in your sketchbook?
    Architectural Intellection 2015 5x5" Pencil on paper
  3. Life Drawing
    Figure 2012 11x14 charcoal on paper
  4. Pen and Ink Drawing
    I have some clip-art of an angel that doesn't look 'right'. At first glance, it appears (1) the waist line is too high, the leading (right?) leg terminates at the waist and the (2) foot emerging from the flowing gown is twisted at the wrong angle. Please let me know any thoughts you have. I...
1-4 of 5 Results