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  1. Charcoal Drawing
    Hello everyone, Hope you are all well; this would be my first post here so I thought I'd start by creating a thread to share some of my charcoal and soft pastel drawings. Anyways, so happy to have found this community. Have a great day all!
  2. Showing Your Art
    realistic pencil drawing on high quality paper A4 size
  3. Digital Art
    This is some fanart I've done in the past year. Please Check it Out. Or you can check out my facebook art page at:
  4. Suggestions
    Hi everyone, I'm going to an international school in France and I wanted to apply to this year yearbook's cover. But the theme is : "It's how we're put together that sets us apart" I don't have any ideas how to represent this with a drawing. Plus I'm not so good in english so I'm not sure I'm...
  5. Showing Your Art
    I am new to the forum and I would like to introduce my artwork. Yes, they are for sale and they are downloadable. I make abstract original art, using markers. Please check out my website
  6. Pen and Ink Drawing
    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I make abstract original drawings, using markers. I just created a website and I am selling my artwork. Please check them out at
  7. Graphite Drawing
    Just thought it was about time to join in this group thing and offer my artwork for review and also look at other artist works. I will post a couple pieces of my work for viewing and any comments are welcome. I look forward to chatting soon.
1-8 of 18 Results