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  1. Digital Art
    I am learning the offerings of Procreate and am learning and applying what I can in a self-taught way. I want to start working on new brushes as I feel a bit limited at moment. Here are my efforts to date.
  2. Digital Art
    Recently, I noticed that whenever I posted my art, there are usually fewer likes or comments regarding my drawings. So, slowly I'm losing hope in my own artwork. Do you guys have any tips that would help me through these times? Should I start making commissions? I have an account on numerous...
  3. Digital Art
    Hello, i'm Eloise, i'm not pretty sure if im doing well wih my first pubication here btw i'm a self tought artist if you wanna say it, but, i think life shows their ways allways to found the meaning of learn, so, i like to think that i have a lot of teachers in my life. Some times i feel...
1-3 of 3 Results