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  1. Graphite Drawing
    Hello! I am looking for some information about whether there is an organization that will compile my sketches into a book. (Something like ArtKive that turns kids art projects into a book but for professional art.) I want to maintain the quality of the artwork but need a better way to organize...
  2. Digital Art
    Stumbled upon this on the billboard in Phoenix
  3. New Member Introductions
    Dengan menggabungkan bentuk dan warna, menggunakan garis tipis, dan memberikan efek bayangan di beberapa sisi, ini adalah motivasi saya. Tolong berikan saya saran.
  4. New Member Introductions
    I'm new in this forum, and I do commissions~ i draw anime style drawings in digital~ my skill level is I think an intermediate level but I only charge 20 dollars per work~ I just started this side work few days ago and so far its been successful~ I hope I can find more commissions in this forum~...
  5. Digital Art
    My XP-Pen Star 03 tablet isn't working, I tried the next solutions that I found online: *updating the driver of it *restarting my computer *unplugging and replugging *changing the nib to a new one *and repluging to another USB port I would have tried to use a different USB cable but I don't have...
  6. Art Sales and Commissions
    i'll draw any character you want for $15. here are some examples: if you're interested, contact me on instagram @Juliansking10 or send me a note on deviantart: skylinextru thank you!
  7. Art Sales and Commissions
    I am doing quick $5-$6 commissions! I will draw anything SFW digitally for you! I can do chibis, full-body drawings, short animation in-betweening, inking or coloring a couple of pages of comic, whatever you want. I really need money for lunch right now so I will do anything even if not listed...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I'm Elisha & I'm the new kid! I love to try many different mediums however I'm pretty hooked on digital art at the moment, as I find it soooo much easier to work with in terms of my tattoo designing. I'd love to hear what you do & maybe make some new friends:) Just made a little...
  9. Digital Art
    This drawing of Bill Murray in his "Stripes" pose telling you to BUY NICOLAS COMICS was done entirely in MS Paint.
  10. Digital Art
    He's not actually my son, can you imagine? This big boi is my character but I call him my son because.., wellI dont know. he gaurds the forest and makes potions :biggrin::angel: eh... ok i attatched the Image not sure how this works
  11. Digital Art
    3 Monkeys Cover (children's book) 2011 Vector Digital .ai file
  12. Digital Art
    Hey guys, so if you have a local printing business making the usual business cards, binders, brochures and so on, how would you make something like this more international in terms of doing business in different countries? What could you offer to attract international businesses/clients? Is...
  13. Digital Art
    I find this amazing video on youtube and I like it, I wanted to share. here is the link: this guy says he discover evidence, ruins, structures, in cyberspace. like a new world in hyperreality, or something like this :) it looks like glitch obsession...
  14. Digital Art
    Hi, I've just joined and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Nick, I live in Sydney (Australia) and I've been a practicing artist for 30 years or more. I've always loved drawing but I've also been drawn to digital media. So my work tends to be a bit of a hybrid, using elements and influences from...
  15. Digital Art
    Hi guys, I'm new here so i'll introduce myself. My name is Carlos I'm 18 years ol I love to draw :D If you can, I would like some criticsques<<< about my drawings. Thanks :D Check out my facebook page ! Like for more drawings, it really helps :)
  16. Digital Art
    so hey, i'm new here, not really sure how this works, but anyway: I'm drawing this. Only, i'm sooo bad at shadowing (is that an english word?). Because if I use soft ones, it always looks too blurred out and hard ones look nog finished yet and I never find a right way inbetween... Advice...
  17. Digital Art
    Here's my black and white version of malèna from the movie played by monica bellucci. I'll make the color version soon. I'm open to feedbacks on my works :)
1-17 of 28 Results