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  1. Digital Art
    i’m looking to buy a laptop to do digital art on, along with a drawing tablet. the art i do is casual. i don’t need to work on many serious projects so i don’t need anything too fancy. just something that functions efficiently enough considering a low budget of 400 bucks. i know thats not gonna...
  2. Digital Art
    Calling all creatives!!✍️👩‍💻 We have have an exciting opportunity for those of you looking to get creative and get your digital artwork out there via an new global platform – Skribbl 👀 Skribbl is an exciting new platform with big visions, aiming to bring beautifully designed illustrations to...
  3. Digital Art
    So I've been doing this work on the idea of landscape + mechanics and I did a photoshop here of a landscape with cogs on it. It's not quite finished but I'm out of ideas for what to do next following this piece or what more can I get out of this piece. Dear all artists out there any ideas?
  4. Digital Art
    New member here! I just need some advice for the fan in the bottom left corner. Made the stand more 3D but then the top 2D and I don't know how to fix it. I left it as the sketch for now so please excuse if it's not entirely fixed to the perspective points. Picture Removed Here is the side...
  5. Digital Art
    Hi all! Brand new to the forum and looking to start creating some tangible stuff out of digital art - already did some experimenting with epoxy trays and those were fun! I'm gonna try out foil transfer prints as well but I was wondering if anyone had experience with bulk tapestry printers - I'm...
  6. Showing Your Art
    Hello this is my digital art
  7. Digital Art
    i recently started digital art and made a DTIYS. i don't have the original image but i created this using FireAlpaca. Any constructive critisim is more than welcome because i want to improve my art. Thanks :)
  8. Digital Art
    Hi, I've been into digital art for a few years now, started off using Sketchbook Pro, moved on to photoshop and manga studio, and now I'm using Clip Studio Paint. I really liked manga studio as my goal is to make comic books, however that program is no longer available and has been replaced with...
  9. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hi! My name is Elena and I make digital art. You can view my work at I am in a very compromised financial situation right now, and I need $30 to pay for a bag so I can fly home this winter. Please take a look at my work! You can ignore my commission info; I'm doing...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, I’m new to this forum so I just wanted to introduce myself! I’m Uyane, a freelance illustrator that specializes in character design and illustration. Here is my portfolio (still under the works) I look forward to talking with and seeing you guy’s works :)
  11. Digital Art
    Hi, I just signed up here to share my paintings/drawings projects which I do on my computer. I hope you like it! The first link is my painting of FastASMR, (Go check her Youtube channel too!) and here's another one which I did years ago, she's a...
  12. Art Sales and Commissions
    i'll draw any character you want for $15. here are some examples: if you're interested, contact me on instagram @Juliansking10 or send me a note on deviantart: skylinextru thank you!
  13. Digital Art
    Hi all! Was not sure were to discuss this, so posted here. I've been discussing the work of an artist called Pastel White with my wife and I am somewhat confused, normally I can tell what has been created digitally and what is fake, but these images really disintegrate this... (I've posted on...
  14. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, My name is Corin McCarthy and I am a final year student studying Product Design and Technology at Loughborough University. During this strange time I have been adapting my final year project for online virtual testing instead of the traditional face to face methods, and would be...
  15. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hey, I am new here, so hi everybody. I am doing digital arts of your wish look at my Fiverr gigs and contact me there, or on email- [email protected] Just tell me what you want and we will make a deal. :vs_cool: MY FIVERR GIGS
  16. Digital Art
    Hey, I am new here, so hi everybody. So I recently created my Fiverr profile and gigs. I would love it if you could see my gallery there and say if its good and representative.:type::vs_blush: here are the links... Thanks!
  17. Art Sales and Commissions
    Find my art here: deviantart/donella-and-orin I'm open to any ranging from full body characters to headshots. Sketch, Lined art, Flat colors or the full deal of shading and coloring are all I am open too. Backgrounds range from $5- $20 depending on complexity Prices range depending on...
  18. New Member Introductions
    Hey Obvs I'm new here but I'm not new to the digital art world. I made this account to expand my reaches as a beginning freelance artist. I'm currently open to commissions. I am open to NSFW art but nothing too extreme. See my art on my DeviantArt: Donella-and-Orin
  19. Art Sales and Commissions
    I am doing quick $5-$6 commissions! I will draw anything SFW digitally for you! I can do chibis, full-body drawings, short animation in-betweening, inking or coloring a couple of pages of comic, whatever you want. I really need money for lunch right now so I will do anything even if not listed...
  20. Art Sales and Commissions
    More Commission Information: More of My Art: (Warning: please use link provided if you do not wish to see NSFW content) If you do then switch “sfwart” to “myart” to see all my work together. I...
1-20 of 65 Results