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  1. Digital Art
    Hello Folks I'm Jozef Clifford Behr, I Want To Share My New DIGITALART Whose Named Life Is All About The Music. (Music Gives A Soul To The Universe, Wings To The Mind, Flight To The Imagination, & Life To Everything.)
  2. Digital Art
    I drew this with Procreate - just a little sketch of a couple of cuties meeting in space 🥰🚀 I N S T A G R A M
  3. Digital Art
    This piece took over a year to complete. Mostly because it began as a traditional sketch and I moved it into a digital one. Then took various breaks, but it is FINALLY FINISHED. Hope you enjoy! It's called "A Child of the Mushroom"
  4. Digital Art
    Hi, I want to digitise my mix media artwork (watercolour+ink) so I can edit/polish/vectorise it for printing but I am having issues to find a suitable software (other than Photoshop) for Mac. I used inkspace to vectorise and then edit my pencil/pen sketches, which worked very well, but...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi guys, my name is Jonathan, I’m new here and I’ve just recently gotten back into the art world after a decade away. I’ve begun with digital illustration, a skill that I don’t have any previous experience in and I’ve loved my experience this last few weeks. It’s been one of the most fulfilling...
  6. Digital Art
    Check out my latest digital painting and show your love to my painting.
  7. Digital Art
    Hello! I'm making a comic for fun, but I'm not very experienced with art. My main character is a cursed Breton woman suffering from malnourishment-induced anemia and I can't figure out for the life of me how to make someone with fair skin look oddly, ghostly, or unhealthily pale. (I suppose I...
  8. Art Talk
    I’m an artist I need help figuring out how to advertise my work anyone who helps me get steady flow of customers I will pay you for your time or give me a free custom posters or paintings that I’m working on.
  9. Digital Art
    Hi, I am looking for some feedback regarding my work, the proportion ok ? anything weird? 2, The color, I am going to a more stylized color, but i am I over doling it. 3. Appeal, are there any appeal here. I think is look ok, but I am wondering what other think of it.
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello artists! 🖼 I'm a self-taught visual artist who enjoys enhancing the beauty of life by creating digital photography and illustrations making things look more rad. (link removed by moderator)
  11. Digital Art
    My name is Babs, I'm a professionally trained portrait artist doing freelance work. I specialize in character design and humanlike portraiture. I draw most things but I don't draw mech or animal/furry pieces, not for any particular reason other than it's out of my area of expertise. Thanks for...
  12. Digital Art
    Hi all! I wanted to share with you all a competition for digital artists for a company I work with, drawing inspiration from the upcoming King's day event in the Netherlands. The winning entries will be sold at an auction and the winner will receive a commission of up to $20,000! There will...
1-19 of 103 Results