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  1. Digital Art
    Hi, I am looking for some feedback regarding my work, the proportion ok ? anything weird? 2, The color, I am going to a more stylized color, but i am I over doling it. 3. Appeal, are there any appeal here. I think is look ok, but I am wondering what other think of it.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello artists! 🖼 I'm a self-taught visual artist who enjoys enhancing the beauty of life by creating digital photography and illustrations making things look more rad. (link removed by moderator)
  3. Digital Art
    My name is Babs, I'm a professionally trained portrait artist doing freelance work. I specialize in character design and humanlike portraiture. I draw most things but I don't draw mech or animal/furry pieces, not for any particular reason other than it's out of my area of expertise. Thanks for...
  4. Digital Art
    Hi all! I wanted to share with you all a competition for digital artists for a company I work with, drawing inspiration from the upcoming King's day event in the Netherlands. The winning entries will be sold at an auction and the winner will receive a commission of up to $20,000! There will...
  5. Digital Art
    Been posting art on the internet for a while, and I'm just now starting to take it a little bit more serious. Check out my work Leave some feedback
  6. Flower Digital art painting style Two

    Convert Picture to Drawing,Click here:
  7. Digital Art
    I'm probably going to get crucified for this but: I've seen a lot of artists either love lineart or hate lineart because it's really hard, but they like the finishing product so they keep doing it anyways. Am I the only that genuinely doesn't like how lineart looks like? I never understood the...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hello my name is nyx and i want to promote my character fukitbear. In Chinese fuk means good luck , or fourtune. If you are embodying this bear you are essentially letting the universe work for you and not against you.
  9. New Member Introductions
    I'm new on this platform, and just want to say Hello! I'm in digital art, who else? Just say "Hi"!
1-19 of 90 Results