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  1. Digital Art
    Hey, was wondering if you could share your thoughts on this design. What would you call the style?
  2. Digital Art
    I made this poster! I don't usually do graphic kinda stuff, so it was fun to try out. Also, there are cash prizes if anyone is interested in getting in on it. It's crypto, but all convertible to USD. If this would be better posted in a different section please let me know.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, My name is Corin McCarthy and I am a final year student studying Product Design and Technology at Loughborough University. During this strange time I have been adapting my final year project for online virtual testing instead of the traditional face to face methods, and would be...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, I'm Elisha & I'm the new kid! I love to try many different mediums however I'm pretty hooked on digital art at the moment, as I find it soooo much easier to work with in terms of my tattoo designing. I'd love to hear what you do & maybe make some new friends:) Just made a little...
  5. Digital Art
    Creativechain art challenge available! Participate by sharing your works…Freestyle! Theme: Evolution ➰ Hashtag: #evolutionweeklys Dates: May 16 — May 23 1000 CREA will be distributed 💎 +info:
  6. Art Talk
    Hi, I'm kind of late to the party as far as art is concerned. I like working in sculpted jewelry pieces, but I can draw pretty well. I'm looking for names of books that talk about the fundamentals of design (I think) and are accessible to a non-art school person, prefer ably with exercises to...
  7. Art Talk
    Have I achieved this goal? Luxury knitwear from Chelyabinsk
  8. Digital Art
    Robotic Peacekeeper painting that I did earlier today.
  9. Digital Art
    Well, what I really wanted for my birthday was this one Gambit t shirt I had been admiring. Too bad it appears to be out of stock everywhere. If someone could recreate it for me, I would be so grateful. I am willing to talk prices, but I really hope we can keep it under $30. Thank you for your...
  10. Graphite Drawing
    Hello, This is my first attempt in designing a dress. All honest opinions are welcome, whether they be positive or negative. Suggestions on ideas and/or ways to improve my future artworks are greatly appreciated. Please do not hesitate to post heavy critiques. Thank you! FL
  11. Digital Art
    Hey guys, If you like my design, would you be ever so kind and vote for me! All you have to do is sign up (takes 2 secs) and vote/Critique my design. It's two designs for Burton Snowboards. But your one critique will go towards them both (:
1-11 of 20 Results