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  1. Digital Art
    i will mostly draw female humans/humanoids prices are in usd and by paypal art examples
  2. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hi! My name is Elena and I make digital art. You can view my work at I am in a very compromised financial situation right now, and I need $30 to pay for a bag so I can fly home this winter. Please take a look at my work! You can ignore my commission info; I'm doing...
  3. Art Sales and Commissions
    Find my art here: deviantart/donella-and-orin I'm open to any ranging from full body characters to headshots. Sketch, Lined art, Flat colors or the full deal of shading and coloring are all I am open too. Backgrounds range from $5- $20 depending on complexity Prices range depending on...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hey Obvs I'm new here but I'm not new to the digital art world. I made this account to expand my reaches as a beginning freelance artist. I'm currently open to commissions. I am open to NSFW art but nothing too extreme. See my art on my DeviantArt: Donella-and-Orin
  5. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hi all, We are Kart Studio - a Group of high quality artist, so we open commission now! If you have any question, pls contact us via [email protected]
  6. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hello! I'm new to the forum. Glad to have fellow artists to connect with :) A woman saw my art on IG and asked me if I'd be interested in designing a 44 card oracle deck. I read tarot and oracle cards, so she definitely has my attention. She has already come up with the themes and messages for...
  7. Graphite Drawing
    Hello, I am attempting to establish a small commissions-based portrait drawing business and am building up my portfolio with sample work. I am having a very hard time deciding on a fair price point for my skills, and whether or not to offer options with regards to frames/not frames or whether...
  8. Showing Your Art
    My website: My commission information: Examples of my art: If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]
  9. Graphite Drawing
    Hi, these are a couple of newish drawings I don't think I've posted before on the forum:D There's also the completed version of the competition portrait that I realised I never posted:biggrin: Constructive criticism is always appreciated and if anyone has any tips on selling art and getting...
  10. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hi everyone! I'm starting a company and I need help learning about the clients that usually commission artists for art. The website for the company acts as a online art commission platform for people and artists artists to meet and create art. So basically for artists we help you easily find...
  11. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, My name is Gareth and I joined this forum because I want to get involved with the artistic community! I'm not an artist myself but actually a student starting up a business called Hire an Artist, an online art commission platform for people and artists to meet and create art! I'm...
  12. Graphite Drawing
    Hello My name is Mary Christoff and I'm an experienced portrait artist. I'm currently doing commissions right now through my website under the "Order A Commission" section. Here are a few things to know if you want a commission from me: I draw everything from people to plants, however my...
1-13 of 16 Results