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  1. Digital Art
    Hello! I'm making a comic for fun, but I'm not very experienced with art. My main character is a cursed Breton woman suffering from malnourishment-induced anemia and I can't figure out for the life of me how to make someone with fair skin look oddly, ghostly, or unhealthily pale. (I suppose I...
  2. Art Sales and Commissions
    I am doing quick $5-$6 commissions! I will draw anything SFW digitally for you! I can do chibis, full-body drawings, short animation in-betweening, inking or coloring a couple of pages of comic, whatever you want. I really need money for lunch right now so I will do anything even if not listed...
  3. Digital Art
    This drawing of Bill Murray in his "Stripes" pose telling you to BUY NICOLAS COMICS was done entirely in MS Paint.
  4. Showing Your Art
    Okay, let me get something out right now. This is not for any profit. I have no money to pay, though i wish i did. AND THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE "YOUR PAYMENT IS YOU GET PRACTICE AND STUFF." I hate those. I just want to practice writing with a actual artist. Sort of to get the whole comic...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey there, I am LittleLotus. I'm half Austronesian and half Western European with very mixed family lines haha. I love to travel, and of course, I also love art. Japan inspires me, since I have never been (nor do I want to go since the distance and "imagination" make Japan seem like a fantasy...
  6. Misc. Art
    Hello, I'm new and wanted to share my webcomic art...First time delving into comics so please be gentle...It basically features our mascot 8 and his companion Syv in their gaming related adventures... I attached picture below on the latest Plants vs. Zombies game. You may see my whole archive...
1-6 of 7 Results