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  1. Showing Your Art
    Hex Codes Hello everyone! I am launching my first collection of NFTs on the 10th of September. It is a collection of 0-255 unique NFTs that are based on the Hexadecimal/HTML Color Standard. I have always loved the simplicity of colors on their own without patterns/shapes/gradients and with the...
  2. Art Talk
    Hello. I'm Fernando. I live in Lima, Peru. I am new to this forum. I have one question: which colors are best suited for representing the Apollonian and Dionysian principles? And, why? I'm thinking of gold and red, respectively. Thank you.
  3. Acrylic Painting
    Hey there world ! I had to search for a few days some kind of forum that could help me with advices and critique on my paintings, then I found this forum :) Could you guys tell me your critique opinion on this thing? Firstly, I must say that it's more like an "experiment". I tried to replicate...
  4. Watercolor Painting
    This must seem like a hopelessly lame question, but I feel compelled to ask it anyway, I have tried to attach of photo of some tulips, but so far, I haven't seen any sign that it is truly attached. Anyway... I've been trying to match the sort of orange sherbet color of the orangey tulip, and I...
  5. Pen and Ink Drawing
    I have been drawing for awhile now trying new mediums. The one medium I am learning to use sharpies. The artist that use sharpies are tattoo artist. Yes I am learning to draw tattoos only because I have had great success selling tattoos than my charcoal art. Sharpies can be used to draw hard...
1-5 of 5 Results