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  1. Charcoal Drawing
    Hello everyone, Hope you are all well; this would be my first post here so I thought I'd start by creating a thread to share some of my charcoal and soft pastel drawings. Anyways, so happy to have found this community. Have a great day all!
  2. (2019)

    traditional: charcoal on paper
  3. Graphite Drawing
    Hey All, I am a retired Science Teacher that also worked as a Marine Biologist. I am also a vet, spending some time in the desert. I guess that is what ultimately made me settle down in Arizona. A few months ago I decided to learn painting, but a close friend talked me into learning graphite...
  4. Charcoal Drawing
    here are some videos of me working, show me your process. do you draw first or go straight in with the charcoal? What is your method?
  5. Life Drawing
    Figure 2012 11x14 charcoal on paper
  6. Charcoal Drawing
    Hello, New to the forum and intermediate to charcoal. I wanted to try doing a drawing of a living thing, so i picked my cat. I think it's going by alright but i'm not happy with the fur. I think it should pop out more? Currently i am laying down a medium gray layer of charcoal and using an...
  7. Charcoal Drawing
    Hey guys, I'm a charcoal portrait artist working on heavy tinted paper. I'm interested in experimenting with gilding silver leaf accents on my charcoal drawings. I know that gold leaf will not tarnish and therefore requires no varnish. But I'm interested in silver leaf which will need to be...
  8. Art Sales and Commissions
    I am interested in selling charcoal pieces through Amazon. But am not finding original copies, I thought I saw some for sale before. I'm still at student level, in drawing II at a major university. I'm thinking I can just keep digital copies and make SOME Money to get me through.
  9. Charcoal Drawing
    Heyy, New here! asking a lot of questions already haha. Where can you buy charcoal pencils? I want to make the shadows darker with charcoal pencils, but only find loose charcoal... those stumps you know. But they're really messy and you can't make details easily with them. I live in the...
  10. Charcoal Drawing
    White Orchids is one of my favorite pieces. This is one of the first pieces a done on Black with white charcoal and it turned out beautifully. I did a few others that I will share later.
  11. Charcoal Drawing
    The first Charcoal Piece I did a few years ago.
  12. Art Talk
    I am experimenting with a particular idea that involves making rubbings from various monuments and memorial stones (with permission). I've used varieties of graphite powder, charcoals, and pastel type mediums and am trying all kinds of paper and fabric bases but I'm still searching for the...
  13. Charcoal Drawing
    I set a challenge to draw something everyday of 2013. I started a blog to post some of my drawings as per below link: Please let me know ur comments.
  14. Charcoal Drawing
    This was a piece I originally did for a class, but was not allowed to submit my work for credit. So I did it it on my own time. Enjoy! :)
1-15 of 23 Results