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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi All I'm Meg form Sydney, Australia. I'm a beginner in pencil sketching and joined this forum to get more ideas/advises by posting my sketches. :smile:
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello! I am a watercolor beginner and I have started learning with my 11yr old daughter. I am joining this forum to learn from others. I have a hard time with using too much water in my paint and on my brush. Does anyone know some beginner exercises I can reference to try to get more...
  3. Graphite Drawing
    Hey All, I am a retired Science Teacher that also worked as a Marine Biologist. I am also a vet, spending some time in the desert. I guess that is what ultimately made me settle down in Arizona. A few months ago I decided to learn painting, but a close friend talked me into learning graphite...
  4. Mix Media
    So I started with the template of the Hamsa Hand and then just added other things in and played around with different mediums in one painting. Again I am brand new to all of this so just experimenting. Mediums used: Ballpoint pen, oil pastel, pencil and markers. Let me know what you all think...
  5. Pastel Painting
    Hi all, so this is the first time ever using oil pastels what do you think of this?
  6. Watercolor Painting
    Dear all, I am a beginner watercolor painter. Using imagereference image as a reference image, I began painting the following my work. As you can notice, I have begun with the lighter layers but I dont know how to avoid hard edges. The purple I have applied has not so pleasing edges. Your...
  7. Oil Painting
    Hello again, after a break of few months I would like to thank you for the positive criticism and encouragement we received on the post about my daughter's first oil painting. Every comment received was very helpful for her as she is trying to improve on different aspects like you said.During...
  8. Acrylic Painting
    Hey everyone ! I'm 16 years old and I started painting last week and already made 3 paintings, so I wanted to get critique on them. Thank you :) ! 1st : Untitled , Acrylic on canvas 2nd : "Cherry Blossom" , Acrylic on paper 3rd : "Desert" , Acrylic on canvas
1-8 of 9 Results