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  1. Photography
    Hello, I am currently taking part in a TV contest where every week we receive a challenge. This week's challenge was more challenging than expected and I have no idea what to do. I thought maybe you could help me out somehow with your ideas or tips. So this is the challenge: - Pick one Artist...
  2. Misc. Art
    Looking for a Artist for a Mech webcomic. I am going to start a kickstarter to get it funded I am currently looking for a artist who's name I can put on the kickstarter. I am asking for examples of past work (published or not) and if I like what I see I will be asking for a cover page that I...
  3. Suggestions
    Hello everyone! I recently discovered that I want to pursue painting as a career; however, someone already has my full name and is an established painter. This person is already recognized internationally and pops up every time I search her/our name. What should I do? I am currently unmarried...
  4. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hello, my name is Marius Janusonis I am freelance illustrator and concept artist currently available for work please contact me via email at [email protected] Few examples of my work: Also you can check my blog:
  5. Oil Painting
    Hi all, I wanted to post a few of my latest paintings that were featured in my last exhibition. I am posting this to get a second, third or even forth option on the works. I am also trying to collect information on whether or not I should paint similar or different paintings for my next...
  6. Oil Painting
    I've been looking for the safest, least toxic, odorless if possible, 'turpentine'...Gamsol seems to fit, but has anybody found something else that's better? Thanks!
  7. Showing Your Art
    Hello and thank you for your interest in our show, my name is Nelson Molina Jr and I am owner of Nelvis Studios, we are a 2,500 sq. ft time share rental studio plus we have a gallery space which we are calling it ³ The grind gallery ³. We are located at 53 west grand st in Elizabeth NJ our...
  8. Graphite Drawing
    Do you love drawing so much that life just doesn't feel as complete without it? Do you start to get anxious, nervous, bored, or bothered after too much time away from your craft? Do you like skulls? Then this is the shirt for you! Custom designed by lead Simpsons animator, Chance Raspberry, with...
  9. Art Sales and Commissions
    Primed Artist Canvas Artist Stretched Canvas, great for oil, acrylic, airbrush and other media. Stretched Canvas, 380g/m2, 1.7X3.0cm,fir wood, with wood wedges Size Unit price 10"x14" $3 /pc 20"x24" $5 /pc 24"x24" $8 /pc 24"x30" $10 /pc 24"x36" $10 /pc 24"x48" $15 /pc 30"x30" $15 /pc...
  10. Showing Your Art
    Hi everyone I've been an artist for 8 years. I do mostly science fiction art. And I've only been starting fanart as of recent. Come check it out at my facebook fanpage: Thanks all!
  11. Colored Pencil Drawings
    This is my drawing of Rihanna using Prisma Colour pencils on Stonehenge paper.
  12. Suggestions
    I hope I posted this in the right thread- if not, it would be great if someone could give me some direction! This is my first post on this site. Anyways, I'm a 17 year old high school senior. I'm entering the scholastic art and writing awards contest, and an artist statement is required. I don't...
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hi! How are you? I'm a Spanish artist and I'm learning English so sorry for that... Well, I want that you see my paintings. In my blog you can see some works that I've done. See you here!!
  14. Sculpting
    Hey there fellow art people i found an amazing craft related website i.e <a href="">crafterstown</a> but since i am from a completely different location i cannot make use of it. if anyone knows of some website as good as the mentioned one, please suggest. thank you.
  15. Suggestions
    So I while ago I tried to put a new spin on a image I found of some art and it turned out really good. I want to showcase this but have forgotten who to credit! Any ideas? (by the way its the horse, sorry I'm new and still figuring stuff out.)
  16. Art Sales and Commissions
    Hello, my name is Marius Janusonis I'm illustrator/ concept artist currently available for freelance work. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] some of my work:
  17. Oil Painting
  18. Watercolor Painting
    hey guys i just got on this forum today, just going to be browsing around and finding cool art to look at. check my profile if you want to say whats up. most of my artwork was either done by mechanical pencil or acrylic paint. i use all types of mediums tough. so, i should be uploading a lot...
  19. Acrylic Painting
    hey guys i just got on this forum today, just going to be browsing around and finding cool art to look at. check my profile if you want to say whats up. i should be uploading a lot of artwork today. woohoo!
41-59 of 69 Results