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  1. New Member Introductions
    Sri Sulakshana Picture Framing and art gallery
  2. Art Sales and Commissions
    We are working with the local government to start a new art gallery in the chianti region. There's a 140sqm structure for paintings and a 5000sqm park for sculptures. Inauguration late 2021. Artists must be based in Europe. If interested in participating (works must be on sale) please contact...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, my name is Jonas, im from argentina-italy, currently living near Florence. My town has awarded me 9000 euro to open an art gallery in my property. There is a two-floor building for painting exhibition and a 5000sqm park for sculptures. Idea is to take artworks on commission from artists in...
  4. Digital Art
    Hi, We are building a new type of online art marketplace where artists, like yourself, have the opportunity to promote and sell your artwork in a whole different way. :vs_love: But to make this amazing platform a reality, we need your help. With this quick 2 minute survey, you have the...
  5. Acrylic Painting
    In memory of my beloved grandmother who was such an amazing artist and painter, I have started to gather and publish her beautiful art pieces here: Take a look at her art and let me know what you think!
  6. Pen and Ink Drawing
    My aunt Farhana khan has created some of her most important drawings in oil paint. The pictures exhibit a keen sense of observation and admiration for the surroundings.The portraits captured express a sense of hope through their vibrant colours though the living seems to be tough for the...
  7. Showing Your Art
    Beautiful Figurative Painting of a woman. The artist has tried to portray a woman who is looking somewhere and lost in the world of vivid imagination. See more at:
  8. Oil Painting
    Many different forms of art you can find in the market and as an onlooker I always used to just praise the paintings which actually grabbed my attention for long. Lately got to know that there numerous forms of art when I went to Buy Indian art paintings online - Contemporary, Modern and fine...
  9. Showing Your Art
    Hello everyone, We would like to invite you to new online art gallery Batorówka and our fanpage on Facebook. At the moment we have the oil paintings on offer, artistic furniture and sculptures will appear in January. kind regards
  10. Oil Painting
1-10 of 13 Results