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  1. What's in your sketchbook?
  2. New Member Introductions
    I'm new in this forum, and I do commissions~ i draw anime style drawings in digital~ my skill level is I think an intermediate level but I only charge 20 dollars per work~ I just started this side work few days ago and so far its been successful~ I hope I can find more commissions in this forum~...
  3. Showing Your Art
    Hello, if you have an interest in manga/Brooklyn aesthetics then you might like my work. It's all original and quite personally symbolic. @kishoarts is my Instagram, and is my website. I'm not asking you to buy anything. Would just like your opinions, thanks :)
  4. Sculpting
    Hi guy, just wanna know where can I find different female breast shape from A cup to F cup including a side and front views, be it a stylized, realistic and/or anime breast reference, currently I am sculpting a 3D female anime model in Zbrush. I am grateful if anyone can help, thanks.
  5. Art Sales and Commissions
    i'll draw any character you want for $15. here are some examples: if you're interested, contact me on instagram @Juliansking10 or send me a note on deviantart: skylinextru thank you!
  6. Art Sales and Commissions
    Find my art here: deviantart/donella-and-orin I'm open to any ranging from full body characters to headshots. Sketch, Lined art, Flat colors or the full deal of shading and coloring are all I am open too. Backgrounds range from $5- $20 depending on complexity Prices range depending on...
  7. Graphite Drawing
    hi, this is my first poste in this forum :biggrin::biggrin: you can follow me on instagram : please give me some feedback
  8. Need information
    Hi! I think there is a series of famous drawings from a famous artist.Here is one but i can't find the artist.
  9. New Member Introductions
    Im new here and I think this would be a fun place for me to hang out and make some friends. :) I work digitally and traditionally. Here are some of my digital works.
  10. Photography
    Hai! I'm new here to this forum, but I think this is my second post here! (my first was my intro! LOL) Other than drawing, what I also love to do is photography, especially cosplay ones. I'm currently in a photography class at school and our semester project, we were to pick a theme of our...
1-10 of 10 Results