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  1. Off Topic
    Hey, I am a student that just got accepted into two animation schools in Belgium. Luca School of arts (in Genk) and RITCS (in Brussel). And by god I don't know which one to choose. I always had a plan to get accepted to one of the schools, complete a year and then transfer to the US. But I don't...
  2. Misc. Art
    This video consists of roughly 270 frames drawn with a 0.7 MM mechanical pencil and 8.5x11 copy paper. I gotta say, the results are smooth.
  3. Art Sales and Commissions
    I am doing quick $5-$6 commissions! I will draw anything SFW digitally for you! I can do chibis, full-body drawings, short animation in-betweening, inking or coloring a couple of pages of comic, whatever you want. I really need money for lunch right now so I will do anything even if not listed...
  4. Digital Art
    Hey everyone, I'm having HEAPS of trouble trying to find a program that's free to make animations. I'm going to draw all frames in a program called FireAlpaca but i want to import each drawing into another program to create the animation. Pretty much all I'm looking for is a PC version of...
  5. Art Talk
    I've recently taken it upon myself to undergo the EPQ process at my sixth form, I am having a lot of trouble finding source material like books or interviews for my question 'can animation be considered art in the same manner as a piece of art or music?' i decided it would be a good idea to...
1-5 of 10 Results