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  1. Digital Art
    Hello! I'm making a comic for fun, but I'm not very experienced with art. My main character is a cursed Breton woman suffering from malnourishment-induced anemia and I can't figure out for the life of me how to make someone with fair skin look oddly, ghostly, or unhealthily pale. (I suppose I...
  2. Graphite Drawing
    Hey guys! I just joined about 2 weeks ago, and here is one of my works. I specialize in osteological animal/human anatomy. I haven't had anyone really critic my work, and I would love some feedback! Here is a White Tailed Jack Rabbit Skull in profile view. I drew this a few months ago, it's...
  3. Digital Art
    Hi, I was wondering if somebody could red line a picture I drew, just a quick anatomy help. The problem is that I know something's wrong with it, and I try looking at books, and reading, and drawing, and I am just not a text book learner. A little hands on help would be greatly appreciated. :D
1-3 of 3 Results