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  1. Sri Sulakshana Picture Framing and art gallery

    Sri Sulakshana Picture farming and Art Gallery providing Services like Online Paintings,picture framing,Photo Frame
  2. Oil Painting
    Hello! This is a uniquely colourful, handmade and signed abstract artwork. Feel free to check it out on Etsy - AliciaNordstromArt.
  3. Showing Your Art
    Hi Friends, if you play this game definetly you wil be 90's kids from india. In India we used to play with old tyres. we even conduct Races & Rages. This paintings from my friend Subash Chandra Share your Childhood Experience you with me. If you like to purchase this painting...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi Guys, I am Asif Shaikh and I am full time artist based out of India. I hail from a small town and have slowly made my way up. Here is a short video of my journey - It is in the native language but gives a background about it. As far as my paintings are concerned, I specialize in acrylic...
  5. Acrylic Painting
    Hi, guys, I decided to do something for my wall, so I need it big and colorful. Then I watched a tutorial on Youtube and followed step by step. However, the outcome was just a mess. I painted a city with reflections. I don't need perfect details for the city, so I think the upper half is not...
  6. Watercolor Painting
    Hello! I am trying to sell some of my art on ebay just to see if can get recognized. It is my piece: Socially Confused! It is one of my best paintings so far and I really hope for someone to like and buy it. Could you guys check it out please and give some response? :) This is the link...
  7. Acrylic Painting
    It is a metaphor played by a rustic bag and a wooden coin. The coin is the experience we save in life, the years, the joys, sorrows, first friend, first girlfriend, first kiss, the birthyour son...A bag to save a life. I have more works in my blog. Greetings.
  8. Acrylic Painting
    Hi! I want show you "Lost", one of my new paintings that you can see in my blog. Hope you like it.
  9. Misc. Art
    I am SOOO happy with the results. Just completed today It is 9x12 I'm really interested in abstraction, textures, and landscapes. I tend to combine them. For my final printmaking assignment, I plan to do a series of about 5-7 of these in 18x24. Each one will always be different because I can...
  10. Acrylic Painting
    I have developed my own technique over the last 10 years it involves applying acrylic paints and re-wetting them to allow repositioning for desired effects. I utilize mixed media and high intensity colors, as well as glitters and refracting crystals to create the desired effects. I HAVE NEVER...
1-11 of 23 Results