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vickyforums 01-28-2015 01:21 AM

What is Artwork?
" Artwork is a nice way to represent what is going through your mind. When you feel that you want to draw it in the form of art, then go ahead. The best part about art is that, it can be done by you. I have done it and feel it is a great way to relax your mind.

TerryCurley 01-28-2015 05:35 AM

Can't argue with that.
I sure can't argue with that. Art is a wonderful therapy. You can release your inner feelings and often the subconscious tells you it's troubles in the form of art. I remember once reading the subconscious knows no words just pictures. The feeling of accomplishment gives an emotional high.

I like this topic and I hope more people contribute to the conversation you have started.

DLeeG 01-28-2015 06:15 AM


Originally Posted by TerryCurley (Post 60298)

I like this topic and I hope more people contribute to the conversation you have started.

It has been done in several different threads. Look in the Art Talk forum. Newbies :rolleyes:

TerryCurley 01-28-2015 06:42 AM

Rekindle the conversation
Well DleeG I don't think it hurts to get new ideas on old topics. Actually I didn't find the subject on the first page of the "Art Talk" category and that goes back 2 years, so again I say I'm hoping people get an active conversation going on the topic.

Personally I'm hoping there are more chatty artists that would like to converse about all aspects of things pertaining to art and life in general and we can get some stimulating conversations going. Giving perfunctory remarks and no substance is not what a forum is about. A forum is the exchange of ideas and an avenue for constructive improvement in thoughts and deeds.

DLeeG 01-28-2015 08:01 AM

You have missed my point. It is that the conversation should be in the Art Talk forum where it can be found by future newbies. My response was not a perfunctory one. It was thought to guide you to the conversations which have been deliberated on. One is titled, "What Constitutes Art", in which I propose we that art can be found in the beauty of thought behind chess.

TerryCurley 01-28-2015 08:23 AM

I concede DleeG, I missed the point. I didn't realize that this thread was started in a category called Suggestions. The way I have been looking at the posts is just going to "New Posts" and not paying attention to where they are placed. As you have already discovered I'm not good at paying attention to heading themes.

I somehow got the impression you were trying to discourage more conversation on the subject because it had already been covered and you were telling us Newbie's to go look up what already has been said. It's very easy to misconstrue the message when it is in writing and there is no verbal innuendos or body language to help with the message being given. I apologize for my misconception.

DLeeG 01-28-2015 08:48 AM

It's ok. You feel free to contribute.

Liz 01-28-2015 11:11 PM

Can't the thread be moved into the appropriate category? Anyway, just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, art is in the eye of the beholder too. I was once told that art is in anything and everything, for example you may not think of the chair you are sitting in as being art but its design started out as someone's idea put down on paper and finally the end product.

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