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: Boost your art promotion online via social media

01-16-2014, 09:57 AM
Hi fellow artists,

Im Johnny, an art amateur and social media expert.
I want to share with you today, how you can increase and skyrocket your online popularity via social media networks.

Most of you are using platforms like youtube, instagram, vimeo etc.. right?
If you dont, then you really should start ASAP!
Anyway, my point is that I saw so many talented artists videos or profiles, with such low number of views, or any social signal. That is very sad, as some of them deserve a better exposure.

I decided to help them using my social media skills, by giving now the opportunity to any artists, with any budget, to skyrocket his social media visibility.

Via my website, I provide real targeted views, likes, followers, downloads etc and much more, on the main social networks platforms like :

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This is the best way to attract more people to discover your music, and at a low cost.
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