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: Can anyone help me identify this artist

01-15-2014, 01:19 PM
My fiancÚ showed me an old sculpted statue like Asian women that has been passed down in his family, by looking at here it appears a normal Asian woman in a kimono laying down, but when you flip her over there is a shocking sight she is um being made love to by a gentlemen hiding underneath the kimono a few weeks after he showed me her, we were at a antique sale and I cam across a sorta sculpted plate of a woman and a man on a ladder, when I turned the plate around I was once again shocked to see that they were engaging in a sexual deed I was surprised that I had found another one! My fiancÚ was super shocked for he couldn't believe a found another assumed by the same artist. We purchased it for laughs but when I tried to research the art to find out who the artist is I can't find anything not one thing about the pieces nor can I figure out what exactly there called. Please help me it's such a mystery and I'm not sure who to contact to even ask about this, thank you so much for reading