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Anonymous Bosch
05-10-2020, 07:34 PM
Hi everyone. Just signed on here. I've been painting all my life, but over the past 3 or 4 years I've made it the focal point of my career. I'm based in New York City, and have shown paintings in small galleries here, as well as in upstate NY. I paint in sort of a surrealist style with elements of the Northern Renaissance (Bosch, Bruegel, etc.) evident as well (in terms of style and character, not necessarily quality of course!). In these bizarre and disheartening times, I've been painting 14 hours a day, and am currently exploring ways to improve not only my art, but my setup. So I might be posting questions here in that vein. Hope everyone is staying safe and (if possible) remaining positive!

05-11-2020, 05:54 AM
Welcome. Hope to see some of your work soon.

05-11-2020, 06:12 AM
Hello and thank you for your 'advice' on which water colour brushes. It did make me laugh as I am already heading down that path. I am also a victim to watching talented people creating something effortlessly - so effortlessly that I think " if I had that equipment, tool, material - I could do that !" It took me a while to realise that talent is a necessary component. And I have a workshop full of 'stuff' that shows my addiction.
However, I am perversely enjoying proving that water colour painting is not as easy as it looks.
As I progress, I'm sure the forum will see more naive questions from me.