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: A mother robin and her babies

03-21-2020, 09:38 PM
Happy Spring everyone. I heard the song of the early bird yesterday morning. Yes, Iím talking about the American Robin. The robin was the first bird I watched as a child. I love the stark contrast between the darkness of their head, neck, wings, and tail and the vibrant orangish red of their breast. I didnít see any birds yesterday, but I think it might be because it was raining all day. Oh well, Iím sure I will see the birds soon.

I decided to draw a robin and her nest. This is actually the first time Iíve done a realistic drawing of a bird. Iíve done other realistic drawings in the past though. Here is my drawing:


What do you think of my drawing of a robin and her nest? I used colored pencil for most of it, graphite for the darker areas of the mother robin, and some black pastel on top of 2 layers of graphite to really get the head to look black. Did I blend well here? I tried to blend well for both the grass and as I went up the breast of the mother robin, going from a reddish brown to a light orange.