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: absolute beginner needing advice

Paolo L'Abbate
03-11-2020, 01:57 PM
ok ladies & gentlemen, first of all greetings from Italy!

being forced to stay at home because of covid19 I decided, at the very ripe age of 37, that I could give a try at something I have never done before: drawing!
actually, lately I've been thinking about getting me an iPad and "paint" on Procreate, and I stress the word "paint" rather than "drawing" because I DO need some color in my life, after years of... - long story short - personal tragedies.
I got absolutely no real ambition rather than having fun and, as I said, paint a little for my own enjoyment. But I thought I should at least see if I could draw something, first. I used the grid method, to help myself a little with proportion. These are the very first drawings I've ever done so be kind haha, or be mean and criticize if you won't to! Bob Dylan is the first one (I got him a nice T.Rex hand as you can see :D), then I've drawn Zappa, the last one is Don Van Vliet. I didn't try to shade because I wanted to get the right facial features first (well, I don't know how to shade :D). Also, I'd be interested to know if (after MANY, MANY drawings), these could be a nice starting point to paint. After I get rid of my awful shaking hands, that is! :)



ps. forgive my many mistakes!

03-17-2020, 02:28 PM
Very nice! Now it's time to add the details :) I'd take another look at Dylan. Something isn't quite right and I think it's partly the nose size and angle of the jaw line.

03-23-2020, 02:46 PM
Digital drawing and traditional drawing can feel different. I personally choose to do traditional drawing because it feels more natural. Your grid method is okay, as mentioned before it's time to add the details. You might want to learn how to shade if you want to do realism. You can check out my Youtube channel too, I have some tips on how to practice shading. Good luck on your journey!