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: Hi!

02-23-2020, 03:21 PM
Hi there!
Iím 35 years of age (though 36 in a few hours) and Ive only just found this community.
Iím an artist (traditional style) and DSLR photographer.
for me,I am limited in both areas due to my disabilities (classic autism,mild intellectual disability,epilepsy that has damaged parts of my brain and a severe progressive physical disability).
I am classed as professional in (disabled) art as my work sells locally, Iíve done digital photography as an art form for 20 years but class myself as amateur because of not being able to access many places and the way my short term memory loss affects me.

I attend an art studio for people with intellectual disability and do photography,It is my passion, traditional art I do a lot I use a specialist weighted pencil to help with my limb shaking.

So Iím glad to be here, Thankyou whoever created this forum,Iíve read the rules and lurked a bit before posting/joining.:smile: