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: Hello friends

01-14-2020, 06:34 AM
Hello there everyone! My name is Jason and just wanted to say hi. I have always had an interest in art and dabbled a bit in high school. I was okay but never good. Art had never been natural for me. I am 43 now and have severe PTSD from being a firefighter for 8 years. I have recently picked up a knack for drawing landscapes and absolutely love graphite. Turns out that I'm so mad after all and it has helped better my PTSD better than any medication or therapist. I see everything with a different eye now and have so much more appreciation for life. I currently live in Orlando Florida and I am I a people person. So being single and living by myself I tend to draw at the library or a park. It's amazing how many people we strike up conversation by just watching me. If you are sociable as well don't be shy and say hi. I give God the glory in my life for all things. Hope to speak to you soon and make a few friends. Have an amazing day!!!! Everyone.