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: Sueding(?) using dark colors as a background

01-11-2020, 01:54 PM
I am painting a commission work that has a night sky background. I have had recurring problems with
what I *think* is sueding -- I am getting areas that seem reflective -- dull -- when the light hits it from directly behind it does not match the rest of the background color. The colors I am using are a mix of Van Dyke brown, burnt umber and ultramarine blue. The client wants the painting to have lots of browns and the color is quite awesome but I'm having these splotchy, reflective areas each time I repaint it. I'm sure the darker color has something to do with it and the last repaint looked "better" but still a few areas of blotchyness. I used no medium in the paint mix on the second and third attempts to rule that out. Thanks in advance for any help!

04-11-2020, 04:36 PM
If top layers have less medium (oil), it could crack later.