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: [Art Show] Looking for S. California Artist

Jin McFarland
12-21-2019, 08:55 PM
Posting here on the chance there might be a S. Cali based artist who's looking for a chance to show their work. Pomona area. The remaining space to exhibit is outdoors, which is why it's more ideal for a sculptor or someone into installations. Not asking for any cover fees or anything like that. Would love to be able to share this opportunity with more young artists trying to start their career.

I'll be holding a show late May 2020, on private property in a 1940's house that's slated for demolition. The concept/topic is Identity/subconscious and Physical Dwelling. If this sounds interesting at all shoot me a message!

If you wanna check out what my style of work looks like, I have some on my instagram @jin__gold