: Art website questions

12-02-2019, 04:46 AM
Good morning, I am looking for some advice if I could please?

My daughter is a keen artist studying art at college and her work is becoming recognised and is actually selling her work that is paying for her studies, as you can imagine I am a very proud dad right now.

Anyway, my day job is as a software developer, I write web based software and build websites so it's logical that I build her a website to give her more opportunities for her art.

I was going to just build my daughter a website, but once the other students in her classes heard, I was inundated by her friends also wanting a website.

This leads me on to my question, I had the idea of building an artist directory where they all can bring their work together collectively. I know that there are many of these already out there already, but through my research they either seem to take a huge chunk of their earnings or the free ones seem to be a waste of time.

I would build the site, let them create an account, upload their work, I would search engine optimise it heavily to gain lots of traffic and hopefully they can sell their work.

Back to my question, sorry for waffling. What features are a must have on a site such as this? Obviously an easy to use admin system allowing for easy upload of art images, title, description, price, shipping etc. A view for orders and allow for order status etc. A buyer login so they can view their orders and communicate with the artist they are purchasing from. From the front end, a search facility and a manual directory style search are a must.

Am I mising anything?

Many thanks for any advice anyone may give.