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: Sharpie Bleeding With Markers

09-24-2019, 08:29 PM
So when I'm drawing I've found using a sharpie as a fineliner type thing works for the most part, the other ones I have currently require control to keep the line the same width, now that's fine but I find it easier to use a fine tip sharpie. Now the problem being when I use marker in the drawing (the markers I use are copic and prismacolour) it makes the line a red-ish purpley colour and it bleeds (if that's the right term) a bit and the line becomes all jagged with sharpie sticking out in spots. If anyone can help solve the problem please do! If there's no way that's fine I'm getting a whole load of fineliners soon but in the meantime I wanted a way to use the sharpie without ruining the drawing. Thanks!

By the way the picture I have shows it around the neck area. Now I've found if I avoid going over the line it minimalizes this effect but I was wondering if there's someway I could prevent this.

04-18-2020, 12:57 AM
What kind of paper are you using?