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: Advice on Materials for an Amateur?

Emi Nakashima
08-14-2019, 12:42 PM
Hi, I am an amateur, (only experience in sculpting is with clay in school).. but I would like to create something for my house because I don’t have enough money to pay someone. I know it won’t be perfect but it will be the fruit of my own labor haha.

My project: a coffee table, with a sculpture of the colosseum (approx. 16” high) either holding it up or underneath displaying.

The part that I will need to mold is: the colosseum.

My question? What would be the best materials to use? I was considering resin and finding a way to make a mold, but would it be strong enough to hold the table top (which will either be a clear plexiglass, glass or some type of resin if I can figure it out)

Any advice is much appreciated. And yes I know it’s a huge thing to take on, but again it will just be for me so perfection isn’t a must, but something as closely resembling the colosseum as I can make it would be great and I’d love the experience and need a distraction from a recent upsetting event so I am willing to try to learn anything....

Thank you!