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: Copyright question

07-30-2019, 11:59 AM
Heya, just wondering if anyone here uses a photographic model to refer to when creating a new piece? Horses are my muse, and I make better art if I have the photo to refer to for confirmation and correct position. The rest of the picture with be fantasy and not in any way replicate the photo.

If the picture is copyrighted, am I in trouble?

Thank you to anyone who knows, maybe is in the same situation. Cheers,

08-10-2019, 08:31 AM
Hi, I also paint derivative pieces using photographs and have recently discovered you should either ask permission from the copyright holder or purchase a usage licence to do so, easier said than done though! I wondered if there was a website where you could easily purchase a licence and then create your art without the worry of getting sued at a later date! This is unlikely but I’d rather have piece of mind I’m not breaking any copyright laws!