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: Effy Flow Artist

07-29-2019, 12:25 AM
Hello beloved art community,

I stumbled upon this community just a few minutes ago typing out in the web search exactly what I have been wanting and decided to search for, an "art forum". Upon instant gratification out of finding this, I immediately chose to register... and then it sounds TOO good to me. That I received EXACTLY what I asked for so INSTANTANEOUSLY... I guess that is due to my nature of human.

Yes, I am an artistic spirit. I find myself writing poetry, and not classifying it as poetry. I am an expresser. I flow up and down, in an out. Flow art, hole hoop and dragon staff, contact dance... I enjoy using my body.
Experimenting and expressing through drawing, singing, dancing, living, laughing... crying and shouting.

I am Art.
Thank you for having me.