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: Water and Alcohol Proof Fineliner

07-01-2019, 10:45 PM
I like to use waterproof, alcohol proof, archival, and photocopy safe fineliners. I was wondering what to use. I went to Japan and bought all of the black fineliner SPs. I really do not enjoy using my Copic Fineliners because the thinner fineliners do not work well. The Copic fineliners work very well except the .03mm and .05mm Copic Fineliners are very streaky and do not work well. They are not reliable and I am looking for another alternative. I would prefer them to have .03mm .05mm, 0.1mm 0.3mm 0.5 and hopefully a brush nib option as well. I would like to be able to refill and replace the nibs and ink cartridge. If it doesn't have the option to refill/replace the nibs and ink cartridges it is OK but would rather have the option. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.