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06-04-2019, 06:42 PM
Hello & Happy Summer ‘19 :3

I enjoy value work & figuring out how color plays into that (I think there’s a style of art that uses bright colors as shading) so basically I like monochromatic AND SUPERCHROMATIC OVERLOAD work!

I don’t like to pressure myself in visual arts, since I primarily consider myself an author and have that artistic agony weighing on me. Drawing & wc painting is my way out!

I still like trying my best and watching YouTube videos for much of my wc practice, especially Liron Yancowski, Teoh Yi Chien, Alphonso Dunn is a new watch but I really like his Beginner Watercolor Value Exercise video - and I’m looking for more in the way of practice practice practice.

Is there anyone else who works with Holbein Watercolor? HAVE YOU ASSEMBLED A HAYAO MIYAZAKI PALETTE??? I have been blessed to be able to! And I’d like to see how you use those paints so I could use those paints effectively as well!

I’m trying to assemble a comparable palette, one that really works for me - I seem to enjoy the idea of working plein air as far as landscape paintings go and maybe even urban wc sketching. Maybe journal sketching, like painting what I did, what I ate, where I went, who I saw Etc.

Which reminds me - has anyone participated in Urban Sketching events? I haven’t been aware of such a group in Houston, but the DFW area in TX had something close to that. I wasn’t able to make it to the couple of events that I was aware of. Houstonians assemble?