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: Should I sand?

Joshua John
05-25-2019, 05:48 AM
Hi, my friend painted a pickguard for me after which we used acrylic varnish to seal the paint. During the drying process, the varnish developed a texture at some places making it very uneven. My question is, would sanding the varnish give it a smooth feel? I have multiple grades of sandpaper, but I don't want to try it in case it spoils the varnish and reduces the quality of the art over all.

05-29-2019, 07:01 PM
I would recommend using a very find grade sandpaper, or 0000 fine steel wool to gently sand off the lumps and bumps. That will probably dull the varnish finish, but provided you don't sand down to the artwork itself, should be fine. You may then use a satin, semi-gloss, or glossy acrylic spray varnish, to bring back the gloss and color depth.