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: Totems - Character Creation

05-02-2019, 05:09 PM
I hope this is the right thread, this is technically about an art contest, but also a partner and contract opportunity.

I'm founder and creative director of Peerion.
We are creating a platform that is built on the open narrative framework, this is a form of autonomous branding.

We will roll out constant art contests and bounties. The creators in the community will build the story of Peerion
together while getting paid, and the rest of the community can get involved through consensus.

**We are hosting a character creation contest to build out our game and brand. **

Totems are pods that shift the user into powerful beings.
Depending on the design of these beings, they will fall in one of 4 zones
(Manta, Luna, Volta, Terra), and will have enhanced attributes and features accordingly.

This autonomous branding gives a way for artists, and their networks, to become the image and face of Peerion;
dominating competitions through community consensus and reaping all the rewards. Champions of the brand will be
at the forefront when funds are funneled into their creations in order to make comprehensive games, comics and movies.

If you are interested please learn more and register here (
Or you can email me or DM me here.🙂