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CJ Smith
04-30-2019, 06:12 PM

My name is CJ Smith and I just joined this site. I'm thinking of working with Super Sculpey to create a statue that will be approximately 18" - 24" high and 10" - 16" wide. I've never worked with Sculpey before.

1) Should I use the firm or medium blend?
2) Will I need an armature or frame?
3) If so, what material is safe for the oven if the frame stays in the sculpture?
4) If I decide to make replicas from resin, the Sculpey site says that the regular Super Sculpey is best. Does anyone here have any experience in making a silicone mold from a Super Sculpey original and then making copies of it in resin?
5) I also understand that anything that's under 1/4 inch thick in Sculpey clay can be on the fragile side. Will Kato clay and Super Sculpey blend together?

Thanks a million in advance.

04-30-2019, 06:14 PM
It's not safe for flame kilns, but electric kilns should be OK.