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: Huion GT-220V2: Lines & Software questions

04-27-2019, 07:25 AM
Good morning. I apologize if either of my questions has been asked/answered already. I know nothing about digital art but thinking about getting a tablet (Huion GT-220 V2. Seems to do what I want and best bang for the buck, that I can afford. However my questions may pertain to many manufacturers and models?). I have done some research learning specs, etc., but can't seem to answer a couple of questions, nor can I contact Huion via email or phone, (please see below). Any help is truly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

1: How thin a line (or replacement nib can I buy) to get fine lines? Is it in the settings somewhere that I can adjust it?
2: What software do I need? Can it do many basic things on it's own or does it need additional software?