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04-16-2019, 05:50 PM
I stumbled upon artist forum while I was looking for somewhere to leave a review about ArtPal.

At first, everything went well. The ArtPal site worked smoothly and I liked the front page feature where you could put a picture up for a 1 each.

I sent an email to ArtPal asking if I could upload my work from the back of the display page rather than the front. I didn't get an answer.

I persevered. I uploaded some picture and then some more. The last lot were the wrong aspect ratio by accident so I deleted them. I received a message saying that the deleted pictures would be removed after seven days. So, I set about uploading the files again, but with the proper aspect ratio this time. The website wouldn't let me, presumably because I had to wait a week for the deleted files to be removed first. Seven days later, the pictures were not removed. Instead, there was a message to the effect that they would be removed the following day. That day came and they weren't.

I thought I would leave it all for a few days and set up Facebook for the advertising. I had joined Facebook a few years previously but deleted my account when I found it was full of bugs. Now, I found that no matter what I entered, the website would only allow me to have the previously deleted account, with its old name and not the new name that I wanted which would be more appropriate for my artwork.

I now realised that I was being stressed. I concluded that ArtPal is some kind of scam and that Facebook was only capable of being used in a crippled form. I went on both sites and deleted my accounts. Now, I feel a lot better. I just want to put this post up.

Of course, the question remains: 'Where can I find a decent sellers site, with a print service and a front page where you can put your artwork up even for a fee?