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: Looking for discontinued canvas-paper

Steven Gordon
04-10-2019, 01:41 PM
Help! I'm trying to locate a roll of discontinued Utrecht brand artist canvas-paper. I know that somewhere out there in the wide wide world-wide web someone still has this product that I am desperate to locate. It is a 'canvas paper' painting surface that has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Ií've used it for years and assumed, wrongly, that it would always be there for me. I know there has to be a supply somewhere, large or small, partially used or new, and although Ií've tried connecting online to dozens of people and businesses and manufacturers in the U.S and Europe I still cannot find it or a comparable canvas paper in a wide format roll. The product was manufactured for Utrecht Art Supplies and had their brand name on it. It was a roll of Canvas Paper 36 1/2Ē x 10 yds and the Utrecht SKU number was 37200. It is a shiny primed heavy paper with a smooth texture of canvas. Utrecht will not tell me who the manufacturer was. Does anyone have an idea how to get the word out to people who might have a leftover supply of this canvas paper? Iíve tried art schools, art supply stores, artistís help networks and art supply or paper manufacturing websites and have hit a brick wall. There is a product - Canson Figueras Canvas Paper that is available in rolls in the UK and NZ but not in the U.S. and it's not as great a working surface as the Utrecht product was. Is there a social media method to make this happen? Please send me any ideas you may have. It would be so appreciated!
Steven Gordon
Napa, CA
[email protected]