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: Creepy client

04-03-2019, 12:47 PM
In a pickle.. I sold my old, non running, car to a guy living in my town. We hit it off having a mutual interest in automobiles.. He sees via social media I paint pets too and wants a portrait of his dog. Halfway through I update him on the status of his painting. I own a vintage El Camino and to make a long story short he is unusually insistent we restore it together. Not only because I’m not in the financial position for the project but suspect he’s got other motives I refuse. He blocks me on everything and says I need to contact him via a new email he’s created.. It has raised a big ol I should have nothing to do with/respond to this person red flag but I still have his painting to finish.. Contemplated payment on PayPal and shipping it (only 9”x12”) or if I have to meet him, at the police station.. It’s crossed my mind to just keep the painting since no money has been exchanged.. It’s a “loss” but worth it if my anxieties about this person are correct.. and then there’s unsettling fact he knows where I live.. thoughts?

04-04-2019, 09:07 AM
Well the police station is a good idea but I would probably just let the whole thing drop.