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: New social media for artists?

03-17-2019, 07:41 PM
Hello, I've currently been wondering about social media specifically for artists. I know Instagram, Tumblr,Youtube etc. help artists exhibit their art, but I also feel that they are platforms that are not completely designed for artists (they get their art stolen, they have to compete with all the other non-artistic content). Therefore I thought maybe we need a social network (a bit more like Instagram rather than Deviantart) that is made specifically for artists to showcase their work (paintings, drawings, music, sculpture, film, design, etc.) and to help them profit from it. Also, it could be a place where artists can meet and connect with other artists, and buyers could easily find what they are looking for or discover new artists. Do you think a social media focused on art could work and become popular? Is it necessary? Would you use it?

05-19-2019, 08:37 PM
Art Reacher,

Yeah, I agree with you on the instagram/utube... issue among other thoughts. It would be a great help if the arts are focused individually. And one more concern to add...that is no matter how good the photo capture is, viewers could not possibly grasp that extra... 'presence' of the art work unless being in person. The social media is still about 'images' and the 'idea'. Sad and unavoidable.