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: Phil Kaunesis

01-31-2019, 08:52 PM
I have a question to those wiser than i re copyright. I'm not only a painter but also a songwriter/recording artist who sells cd's & downloadable music from my agents such as cdbaby, Amazon,iTunes etc. I'm nearly finished another album & would like to 1/ take a analog photo of my guitar made by Fender in the USA, then 2/ project that photo image onto a masonite board, and do a trace painting of the guitar. 3/ When finished, i would then take a digital photo of my painting which would then become the cd cover, and cd top image. 4/ Multiple cd's would get manufactured and sold. I've seen hundreds of photos & paintings done of manufactured items/articles and used as artwork for cd's,records, tapes, paintings for sale in galleries & other. I haven't been able to find any ruling on this in the Copyright Council in the USA. Does one assume it's perfectly ok, even if there's a commercial interest for the artist ? I've seen many still life paintings/drawings of objects such as vases, bottles, drinking vessels, salt/pepper shakers - u name it, & if there is a rule that says u need permission before doing a painting of such objects, how would u know who to contact when there generally is no manufacturers 'stamp' on them.? Maybe i'm worrying 4 nothing.